Professional Restroom Plumbing Services in South Salt Lake, UT

Clogged Toilets: A clogged toilet can disrupt your daily routine and create inconvenience. Our expert plumbing services include the rapid resolution of this common issue. We employ advanced tools and techniques to swiftly clear the blockage, ensuring your toilet operates smoothly.

Broken Handle / Lever: If you’re facing issues with a broken toilet handle or lever, our skilled technicians can quickly replace or repair the component. We ensure that your toilet is easy to operate and functions flawlessly.

Partial Flush: When your toilet exhibits a strong but partial flush, it can waste water and lead to inefficiency. Our experts diagnose and address the issue, restoring your toilet to optimal flushing

Phantom Flushing: Phantom flushing, where the toilet intermittently refills on its own, can be a water wastage concern. We identify and rectify the problem, ensuring your toilet only flushes when
you want it to.

Restroom Plumbing Service

Irregularities in Water Level: Irregular bowl water levels can affect toilet functionality. Our technicians inspect and adjust the water level to ensure proper flushing and avoid overflow issues.

Weak Flushing: A weak flush can be frustrating. Our plumbing experts diagnose the cause, whether it’s due to a clog, damaged components, or water pressure issues, and restore your toilet’s flushing power.

Multiple Flushes: Having to flush multiple times wastes water and indicates a problem. We address the issue, ensuring your toilet flushes efficiently with a single use.

Whistling and Strange Noises: Unusual noises or whistling from your toilet can be a sign of underlying issues. Our experts investigate and resolve these auditory anomalies, restoring peace and quiet to your bathroom.

Slow Tank Refill: If your toilet tank takes an unusually long time to refill, it can lead to delays. We identify the cause and optimize the tank refill process for faster, efficient performance. Constant Water Dripping or Tank Filling: Continuous water dripping or tank filling can lead to water wastage and increased bills. Our team efficiently identifies and fixes the problem, ensuring water usage is controlled.

Sluggish Flushing: A sluggish flush can be inconvenient. Our plumbing professionals diagnose the cause, whether it’s due to clogs or other issues, and restore your toilet’s flushing speed.

Suction Sounds in Tub and Sink Drain: Suction sounds in your tub and sink can indicate plumbing problems. We investigate the source of the sounds and implement necessary repairs to maintain proper drainage.

At ACME Sewer & Drain Cleaning, we offer a comprehensive range of plumbing repair services to
address these common toilet-related issues. We provide prompt, efficient solutions, ensuring your
plumbing operates flawlessly. Contact us today to schedule your service and experience the ACME
difference in plumbing solutions for your home or business.

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